Damn, Mom. That’s wicked harsh.

While I did chuckle a little, this sign is just bigotry of another kind. It’s really unfair to paint all Priests with the same pedophile brush.

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13 thoughts on “Damn, Mom. That’s wicked harsh.

  1. Pedophile or not, all priests are part of an organization which allowed many years of silence and blanket forgiveness of pedophelia. The pope allowed it to be ignored and is still the pope. Joe Paterno allowed it to be ignored and is fired as well as his statue brought down, and he wasn’t even the boss. Joe Paterno didn’t hurt any kids, but that doesn’t make his behavior and participation in the conspiracy any less deplorable. There will never be any way to tell how many priests didn’t abuse children, but absolved abusers through confession. Its a totally corrupt system, and to participate in such a system is dispicable.

    You can still follow Catholic doctrine and priestly vows without associating with an organization which has fallen so far from its purpose.

  2. I think the bigotry is largely the point.
    Man on Street: “Hey! Not all priests are perverts!”
    Woman: “Imagine that – neither are all gay people!”

  3. Anglican Priests can (and do) get married. There doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue with the whole child rape thing.

    Who would’ve thought that denying someone sex and masturbation would lead to them short-circuiting?

    If only there was some kind of guiding, caring, all-knowing father-figure who could’ve warned us off such a stupid concept…. Shame really.

  4. I don’t think she’s saying all priests are perverts. Instead, her point is that she already knew her son was gay and is glad that he is choosing to be open about it instead of suppressing it until it eats him away. Lots of Catholic men who grew up gay feel that they have no option but to be celibate to remain true to the church’s teachings, and the only way to escape scrutiny as such especially in working class Catholic communities is to enter priesthood, in which their unfulfilled desire eventually turns some of them into monstrous beings who prey on the voiceless and powerless to relieve their now perverted urges. That’s pretty fucked up. I doubt this mom is Catholic herself, but I believe that is what she’s referring to.

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