11 thoughts on “So glad I’m lactose-intolerant

  1. Breastmilk and is that “Stimulant” in the back? What kind of ice cream shops are you visiting? I had been wanting some ice cream but I think you just saved my diet.

    I kind of want to work there so every time someone buys a breastmilk cone and can give them a wink and a sly look and make it even creepier.

  2. Is this ice cream or gelatto? I mean, if it’s ice cream, then that’s pretty gross. If it’s gelatto, that’s a different story.

  3. Milk? From a human breast? EWWWW GUH-ROOOOSSSSSS!!!!
    That is just sick and wrong. Now, give me an ice cream cone derived by pumping calf’s milk, which is technically fat globules suspended in bulbous taint excretions, forcefully pumped from another species’ swinging pendulous pink spotted phallic udders.
    You freaks!

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