12 thoughts on “Isn’t That Special?

  1. I’m getting so sick and tired of this topic. Like one of my friends pointed out, we’re making a big deal out of this, yet no one has a problem buying oil from countries that KILL homosexuals (and rape victims) when we could be drilling for oil here instead and telling those homophobic countries to kiss our fat asses.

    Just makes us look like hypocrites.

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  2. Chris Regan, a writer for The Daily Show, tweeted about this photo: “For such homophobes, you 2 r beginning to look like Wayland Flowers & Madam”. For those of us who remember them – this is the perfect last word on this. For those of us who are too young: use The Google.

  3. As a bonafied (which I like to think of as a pleasant combination of boner and satisfied) gay fella, I’ve got to say Toddy looks more stereotypically gay than I do. His kewpie doll hair, scruffy goat-stache and ever-so-skin-tight, TURQUOISE plaid shirt just scream out for some down-low, truck stop, hasty exchange of fluids. In fact, one time I was jogging and saw a bloke who looked just like him in the roadside park. He winked at me and took off his shirt, nodding toward the public facility. Now, I’m a little thick-skulled when it comes to these things and didn’t quite figure it out until I got home and realized that he was up for some cottaging. But, this Todd has the same, “Let me go down on you, you red-headed stranger” look that the park guy did. Having never had sex with anyone in a roadside park, I can’t say for certain that such antics are this mo’s MO, but I suspect he’s grabbed a few bulls by the horns. Regardless, I hope he and his miss us choke on that chicken. It’ll be the closest Sarah’s gonna get any time soon.

  4. This is Sarah Palin’s passive way of saying “I don’t like the gays”. She has plenty of money to feed her family properly; she is only there is for publicity. Gosh, I just love her. What fascinating specimen to study.

    SECONDARILY, business owners shouldn’t make public statements that could offend or alienate a group of people, because their profits come from all types of folks. Now there’s a large group of people who won’t be patrons at their business, because somebody just had to make a statement that never needed to be made.

  5. When Michelle Obama puts an initiative out for healthy eating, Palin hawks cookies. When Chick-fil-a says they don’t want gay bros marrying, she hawks chicken sandwiches. I hope Obama tries to raise taxes on consumption of rat poison in order to fund Planned Parenthood.

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