12 thoughts on “And knowing is half the battle

    • LOL! I thought it was Ozstray-ya? You know, we hosted the Alimpics a couple of years back? In Sydney, was it? I cringed every time I heard an announcer say “And it’s another Allimpic gold/silver/bronze for Ozstray-ya!”

      Or as some pronounce it “Straya!” Sigh….

      Well, at least he got the flag right……didn’t he?

  1. This is harmless. Clearly he is in a mental institution. After all, he seems to be lecturing to giant, cow-eyed tree frog whose response is to moon him. Later, when the thrill of “Amphibian School” wears off, the two will “play doctor” and the frog will remove Mr. Wide Thighs’ pancreas. Yeehaw, and such…

  2. Idjoit!

    Why don’t that surface have a spell checker? There ought to be a squiggly line under it so when the boy moves his chalk over it, the prompt reads “MERICA”.

  3. I’m just going to sit here and pretend he was doing this to mock certain types of “patriotic” people. Yep, this is all just a big joke he’s doing to make everyone laugh.

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