8 thoughts on “Penn is Mightier

  1. I had a second cousin twice (forcibly) removed who graduated from
    State Penn — twice. Once for bad checks, and once for robbing a
    drugstore with a BB gun.

  2. I wouldn’t care if Paterno once saved Mother Teresa’s life with a Heimlich maneuver or single-handedly rescued an entire puppy farm; if you know someone broke a law *with kids* and did absolutely nothing about it – not even fire the bastard! – then you deserve whatever shit stains come your way. Your pwecious coach’s weputation got tarnished? WELL, HE SHOULD’VE CALLED THE FUCKING COPS. KID IS RAPED > CALL COPS. THERE IS NO MULTIPLE CHOICE.

    • Saving the life of a woman who visited Ireland just to tell them they couldn’t have the right to decide whether abortions and birth control could be legalised wouldn’t be a good thing…

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