43 thoughts on “Your move, Hydrox.

  1. I love the gargantuan list of products they actually would be boycotting if they followed through with those threats. I’d post it here, but I’m pretty sure there’s a character limit!

    It appears that about the only food that isn’t “tainted by homosexuality” is Ramen Noodles…

    • Probly got tired of making do with other creme-filled products. Imagine how sticky sweet your hands would be trying to squeeze all the creamy goodness from Twinkies, Ho-Ho’s, Ding-Dongs, ….

      Yup, Kinda disappointing, though. Ain’t it?

    • I bought some last night because of this. My son asked for them at the grocery store and was shocked when I said yes, because I am no-fun mom. WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE HERE! They’re recruiting him, aren’t they? Dammit, I fell right into their trap. When I get home today, he’ll have converted the whole neighborhood. Damn sneaky cookies.

  2. These multi-colored creme filled snacks are filling me with the urge to make love to men with my weenus. I can’t explain it. Oreos gave me The Gay; I must seek out Michelle Bachmann’s Gay-B-Goneā„¢ Clinic for purging of homoerotic tendencies, plus getting that dark cookie shit out of my grill.

    • I know right? I ate one last week and ended up having sexual relations with a goat. The Govt. acknowledged my letter of complaint but as far as I can see haven’t even begun investigating this link.

          • Gonzo slid his spectacles slowly down his nose, his mouth hanging open with wonder at the sudden eureka moment he had felt in his brain-place.

            He rushed out of the office at top speed in the general direction of the patent office.

            “I’m off to make a gazillion dollars out of religion by patenting the ‘vibrating bible'” he screamed at his oblivious colleagues.

            It’s amazing no one has ever thought of trying to profit from religion in the past, he mused to himself.

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