7 thoughts on “Fool’s Gold

  1. I keep thinking some parents are gonna scold their kids for wanting this crap.

    And the mathematician in me thinks out of the tens of hundreds of kids denied, there will be a handful who will go home & try to be smart _ by fitting aluminum foil into their moufs!!!!


  2. If you look closer, it is even hard to get one of these… The machine says “Funny Teeth with Bling Teeth”, just like those machines that say in small print “plastic jewelry with” and then in big print “Digital Watches!”, and they only show the watch, but there is only one in the machine. You can tell from looking that they are all not bling teeth.

  3. This is just wrong – on many levels, wrong. besides the very valid point made by marchhare, (I’m shuddering just thing about what was used in the making of these things!) they are promoting the whole “thug” life thing. Ugh, no. just, no.

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