14 thoughts on “They’ll Elect Anyone

  1. Makes sense if you think about it. The number 1 place to get AIDS is in a pool, so if you “suck out that moisture” from women, you won’t get AIDS. That’s why you never hear of camel AIDS. So what’s the opposite of moisture? Fire. So let’s set all of the women on fire and we won’t get AIDS!!!! Except from guys.

  2. That’s right, Senator. Because heaven knows men never, ever nail ugly chicks. They will surely all choose to masturbate for the rest of their lives, because suddenly they’ll remember their self-control once their only available sexual options are a variety of bald, unwashed women or any willing men. Not that it matters, because it’s not like the men are capable of spreading HIV, just catching it, and only from pretty girls who haven’t had the moisture sucked out of their bodies yet.

    • And of course, STDs are ~never~ spread through rape or coercion.

      It’s always the women who need to be controlled, never the men who need to be told to stop acting like their dicks are magic keys to be inserted wherever and whenever they please. If the entire male population of your country needs to be “saved from themselves” because they’re too much of animals to care that fucking strangers can kill them both, you’re trying to vilify the wrong fucking side of this problem.

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