12 thoughts on “Nothing Fishy There

  1. If you run up to a stranger and kiss him or her on the lips, you’re asking to get slapped. It’s not about homophobia–it’s about respecting boundaries. Backhanding him was like swatting at a fly, just swishing a nuisance out of the way. It was really the most polite thing to do.

    • Lame. OK, how about when Will was filming Six Degrees of Separation and he needed a body double to do a scene for him because he didn’t want to kiss a man?
      What would you call that? I certainly wouldn’t call that professionalism.

        • What about the part where he asked Denzel Washington what to do about it, and Denzel said “don’t be kissing no man?”
          It’s like, you guys are actors. Act. You don’t have to want to kiss every woman in your movies, do you? But you do it anyway. It’s your job.

          • I think if you ask, “Would he do the same thing if the unwanted kiss was from a woman?” and the answer is no, he is being a bit of a homophobe.

    • Ironically, Russia actually IS ‘socialist’, so Fox News will be strangely accurate when they use that word (in their profoundly ignorant fashion) about this story.

      I guess when you use a lexical scattergun, eventually you’ll hit something…

  2. Yeaaaah, if anyone walked up and tried to kiss me without my permission, male or female, they’d be lucky to just get a gentle little backhand like that. I mean, just on pure reflexes, I’d probably rip out their throats a la Roadhouse before I knew what I was doing.

    But then, I don’t like to be touched.

    • Have to agree. I’m not found of being touched with out my OK, plus I tend to be a bit “jumpy” regarding both noise and touch. Someone leaping out of the crowd like that would be pretty sure to get a smack – or a knew in the crotch.

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