17 thoughts on “A Bit Of the Old Ultraviolet

  1. I didn’t realize that rubbing yourself down with butter and roasting yourself at 350 for 3 hours could be considered a beauty regimine.

  2. Where to start? My Granny used to threaten us, “You better stop, or I’ll tan your hide!”

    The color is not all that unusual for Jersey, though it’s normally sprayed on at automotive paint places like Earch Scheib..
    All that Tag body spray and spray-on tan stuff has brought the endangered Coney Island Whitefish to near-extinction:

    Yes, she looks aged and rough, but it’s necessary. When I was in Hawaii, I discovered that the fancy Corinthean Leather advertised in car commercials, as well as Naugahide were harvested from old surfer dudes

  3. interesting that nobody is commenting on the fact that someone actually did have sex with her at some point, or the fact that her reproducing is what is wrong with the human species. imagine a bear in the wild as fucked up as her. you think she’d be getting the alpha male, or any male? she’d be humping a tree just to get a little wood.

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