22 thoughts on “That’ll Do It

  1. Somebody needs to check Dom Dieter’s car and see if it’s equipped with a flux capacitor. It would seem that he’s just arrived from the 1950’s.

  2. Because the trauma of being raped – by one of your Dad’s friends no less – is going to make a girl want MORE sex with men?? Not just criminal but criminally stupid!!

  3. Really guys? Who cares. He never said “rape the gay out of her”. IT was obviously a joke and the whole radio show is crude humor as are many other shows like it. Comedians say crude, rude, racist jokes all the time, but because they are doing stand up, its ok then? Take a joke and move on.

    • While I agree that it was a joke, I don’t think it was funny, and I do think it suggests homophobia.

      But what pisses me off about this news story is the sensationalism it’s gotten because of the use of the word “rape” which the guy never actually uses. I hate it.

    • I hope you get cancer and die from it (eventually).

      Not really; it’s just a joke. See, we can all have a good laugh.

    • So you believe that a man telling another man to force sex upon his daughter to “cure her” of her possible lesbianism is funny and not hinting of rape? What exactly is rape to you? I hope you don’t have children, if this is your idea of funny.

  4. Is this guy a genuine bigot, or just one of those Howard Stern-esque douchebags who mistakenly thinks there’s a direct correlation between how vile a statement is and how funny it is? He probably thought he was being deliciously un-PC and avante garde.

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