Rebel Yell

Gibson County High School senior Texanna Edwards was — like many of her classmates — looking forward to her prom this past Saturday.

But Edwards didn’t get to attend because of her attire — a knee-length red dress decorated with bright blue stripes and white stars inside the stripes. The school’s colors are red, white and blue, but the dress resembles the controversial Confederate battle flag.

…Edwards said she told several people about her idea and many liked it.

Don’t fret none, everybody. Her racist friends didn’t have a problem with it, either. What a relief.

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15 thoughts on “Rebel Yell

  1. Knee-length did it, right?

    Seriously there are idiots here in Australia who use this flag. Their only defence is they’d have no idea there even was an American Civil War.

  2. In the article if you visit it, there’s a more hilarious picture further down where her date has his trousers off… I like his thinking – ‘the date’s off, let’s go straight to the blowjob and emotional pain when I don’t want to cuddle afterwards’.

    also, this: ‘She had the dress custom made’

    And not because of the pattern…

  3. That dress makes her look fat. Well, that’s not quite true. Her excess subcutaneous adipose tissue makes her look fat. But the dress isn’t helping.

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