This Doctor Has a “Type”

Maybe it’s just like that episode of Seinfeld where all the waitresses at the diner had huge cans, and Elaine gets pissed off and tries to get┬áthem in┬átrouble for discriminatory hiring practices, then it turns out they were all daughters of the owner and Elaine ended up feeling dumb. Yeah, I bet it’s like that.

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17 thoughts on “This Doctor Has a “Type”

    • Mara Chaffee: Emotion is irrelevant, it is not our nature
      Dr. Alan Chaffee: I’m not sure you’re right about that, Mara.
      Mara Chaffee: Still you are aware of the others so you must be in some basic sense aware of who… what we are.

  1. I applied for a job at a hotel once with my roommate – just a summer position, front desk. She got hired, I didn’t. I was bummed because I thought I was at least as good a candidate as she was. After her first day of work, she came home to tell me that she was pretty sure she had been hired based on her “type.” She and I were both short, but she had waist length reddish-brown straight hair. Mine at the time was shoulder length and curly. She told me that every single female she met that day who worked at the hotel had long hair – mid back or longer – that was either brown or black, and that most of them wore glasses like she did. We both found this incredibly creepy.

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