13 thoughts on “GO TEAM!

  1. I wish someone would explain the “fap” thing to me. I’ve discussed this with my husband, and he doesn’t know either; of course, we can deduct from various things strung around the interwebs, that it has something to do with masturbation and probably masturbation in public. Other than that, we remain clueless. I would guess some guy in some kind of public “eye” got busted wanking, or accidentally filmed it on his Android-clone phone or something. Maybe he got caught at an ATM? By this time I find my interest in the whole thing, and vague jokes based on it, waning. Then I ask myself, why should I care? I don’t. It’s not some Russian anchorman jacking it under his newsdesk to film of bad strippers in a poorly-lit club.

  2. Ree, I think it’s derived from the sound of of man masturbating. The sound of a woman masturbating is akin to a freshly disturbed hornet’s nest, unless she uses one of those gasoline-powered device with handlebars and a kick starter.

  3. Yes yes it is so Fap is an onomatopoeiticon and derives from the sound af male masturbation.

    What word is derived from the sound of female masturbation … if any ?

    What ? I DUNNO !

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