17 thoughts on “Armed and Dangerous

  1. damn you gotta feel for that watch…it just never saw it coming. on the bright side, at least now we know that they have perfected the surgical attachment of a hand directly to the elbow.

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      • Um… if you look really closely to where the shadow starts at the window there’s this little fold on the inside. I think maybe that’s where it is? I’ve noticed that people don’t gain fat on the elbow itself so if you’re large enough it’s a bit inverted. Fun!

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  2. @DarkSock: Given that this is the state of his arm, do you honestly think he’s seen/felt his penis any time recently? I’m guessing there’s about 400+ pounds of obstacle to overcome, and let’s be honest, if he has someone else in his life she probably gets winded lifting her hand to her mouth, let helping him with that.

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