I Found The Center Of The Universe

And it’s right here.

1. We have a Ferrari painted fire-engine red (the most insecure-about-one’s-penis color in the world).

2. We have parking like a complete asshole; slopping over the lines of a compact parking spot.

3. And just in case you didn’t catch on to the Ferrari thing yet, a personalized license plate that says

Yes, he actually name-checks the founder of Ferrari. I think we have a winner!

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11 thoughts on “I Found The Center Of The Universe

  1. Look how rich he is. He uses Blockbuster instead of the much cheaper Netflix or Redbox like the rest of us 99%. I hope your copy of Glengarry Glen Ross has got a scratch and starts skipping on Alec Balwin’s Always Be Closing scene.

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  2. A true narcissist would have had “Zaphod” on his plate.
    But the pic is proof of the inverse relationship between money spent to impress and the actual size of the member (or brain).

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    • It already says “hung like a 5-year old”. No offense to 5-year olds.

      But yeah, I’d key that car like I were a 2nd chair trombone player in junior high jazz band finger-banging the prom queen under the bleachers.

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  3. all of you people are idiots. you know, without a shadow of doubt, that you would park like that as well if you owned a ferrari. i would. hell, i would take up 4 spaces. like this:

    | | |
    | | |
    | —– |
    | – – |
    —– —–
    | – – |
    | —– |
    | | |
    | | |

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