Yeah, You Keep Telling Yourself That

1. Saying “_____ is the new _____” is really goddamn trite.

2. Wearing a t-shirt that says what you are, and declaring this thing to be sexy, feels very sad and desperate. By all means, feel good about yourself. That’s fine. Announcing it on a t-shirt just makes it look like you’re trying to convince yourself more than anything else.

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12 thoughts on “Yeah, You Keep Telling Yourself That

  1. the saddest part is that this shirt is intended for a teenage girl, and if you go into the schools nowadays, it’s the honest truth, they are actually excited for each other when they get knocked up. there isn’t the stigma anymore, girls don’t suddenly disappear for months to live with a mysterious faraway aunt only to reappear and have breasts twice as big as when she left. it’s a sad world out there now.

  2. typical adult response without having been in a school in a while. sure, there are still some nice areas where parents are still doing their job of enforcing morals, but more and more the norm is becoming embracing teenage pregnancy. i’m not saying i condone ostracizing a kid when it happens, but celebrating it as something wonderful is setting a bad example. and you are crazy if you think that shirt is intended for anyone but a kid. what adult is going to wear that shirt? honestly, if you can answer what self-respecting, responsible adult is going to wear that, then i concede the entire argument to you blueberry.

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